Seventh Circle Theatre Company offers members of the Gold Coast and Nth NSW community

the opportunity to embrace performing arts in the field of drama theatre, to perform on stage

and to work behind the scenes by helping create wonderful productions.

Our artistic objective is to create a platform for performers who want to experience theatre as an outlet for creativity, improving social skills, self-esteem and confidence.

At Seventh Circle Theatre Company there is a place for everyone and we welcome all who

are passionate to join our team. If you have skills and experience in theatre or just a keen interest toward the theatrical discipline, then Seventh Circle Theatre Company is the place for you.


44'' Chest

44'' Chest is a dark comedy that revolves around Colin Diamond, a distraught husband that has just discovered he's wife was cheating on him with another man. In a disturbing attempt to console Colin, he's friends kidnap he's wife's new boyfriend and debate the prospect of vengeful murder. After being presented with the temptation for revenge, Colin must face he's own grief, rage and despair before acting on a choice that will change his life forever.


Opening Dates: 

Thursday 6th October 2022 7:30pm (NSW time)

Friday 7th October 2022 7:30pm (NSW time)

Saturday 8th October 2022 7:30pm (NSW time)

Venue: Tweed Civic Centre Theatre,

Cnr Brett St and Wharf St, Tweed Heads NSW

Maids of Honour

Maids of Honour is a comedy play inspired by the movie Bridesmaids. It follows the story of Annie Walker, a single lady who wants desperately to find a husband. Annie's best friend, Lilian, is getting married and Annie has a hard time to accept that Lilian found a new friend to also be a maid of honour who might take Annie's spot. The play is hilarious and shows the fun times of an engagement party, a dress fitting day out, a plane trip away, a girls night out, and much more! If you love weddings and all that comes with, you can't miss out on Maids of Honour!


Opening Dates: 

Thursday 1st December 2022 8:00pm (NSW time)

Friday 2nd December 2022 8:00pm (NSW time)

Saturday 3rd December 2022 8:00pm (NSW time)

Venue: Tweed Civic Centre Theatre,

Cnr Brett St and Wharf St, Tweed Heads NSW

What we provide

We are passionate about encouraging the pursuit of performing arts within our local community. So, we provide various avenues for motivated individuals to expand on their experience and opportunities in drama theatre. If you are interested in any of the subjects below, please contact us via phone or e-mail to make enquiries.


Drama Class

Whether you are experienced or new to theatre, we have a range of classes and coaching to help you with your progression.


Theatre Productions

Areas of theatre you might be interested in:

-Acting and performing

- Stage management

- Backstage/Crewing

- Production management

- Set design and prop management

- Lighting Design

- Sound Design

- Costume Design

- Marketing & Advertising

- Photography/Film


Performing Arts Workshops

We run workshops throughout the year that provide an opportunity to develop individual skills in a short period of time.


Youth Programs

In association with Starlettes Drama Theatre, we encourage children to partake in the exciting world of performing arts. Starlettes runs classes and performance opportunities regularly throughout the year.

Please click the link above for more details.

Contact us

Thank you for your enquiry! One of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.


David Baikie

0458 218 497


Alessandra Raed

0434 394 701


Operating hours:

Mondays: 6pm - 9pm (AEST)

Thursdays: 6pm - 9pm (AEST)

Sundays: 3pm - 6pm (AEST)

We run classes/rehearsals in and around Currumbin, QLD. Please contact us for more information.